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Seminar Series

TDWI Seminars take our world-class education on the road to provide in-depth, actionable business intelligence, analytics, and data management training when and where it's convenient to you. Whether you are embarking on a new analytics project, building a data strategy from the ground up, or wanting to dive deeper into the world of predictive analytics and machine learning, TDWI Seminars offer you a range of courses focused on the skills and techniques at the heart of successful implementations.

The small class sizes and unique format of TDWI Seminars provide an engaging, high-impact learning experience that you can put to use immediately back in the office. And new for 2018, TDWI will be offering virtual classroom opportunities to our students at several of our 2018 Seminars so remote attendees can experience the benefits of TDWI instructor-led training without having to travel.


Upcoming TDWI Seminars

Not seeing the topic you are looking for? Let us know! We are always adding to our offerings and want to make sure we are meeting your training needs. Click here to share your feedback!

  • Seminar Dallas Dallas Seminar

    Visualization, Dashboards, & Analytics Adoption

    Dallas, TX
    April 23–25, 2018
    Registration Ends April 23

    Telling a compelling data story is essential to realize value from analytics. Join this seminar—in Dallas or online!—to learn how to build UX-friendly dashboards and data visualization that are not only game changing, but actually get used throughout the organization.

  • Seminar Washington, DC Washington D.C. Seminar

    Advanced Skills for Big Data Practitioners

    Washington, DC
    April 30–May 2, 2018
    Registration Ends April 30

    Take your skills to the next level with a three-day seminar that covers lots of ground: hands-on Hadoop, creating value with non-traditional data sets, machine learning with big data, roadmap planning, and a workshop on big data implementation.

  • Seminar Boston

    Building a Data Strategy

    Boston, MA
    May 21–23, 2018


  • Seminar New York

    Predictive Analytics: Data Prep, Models and Algorithms, and Deployment

    New York, NY
    June 4–6, 2018


  • Seminar Nashville Nashville Seminar

    Data Management Fundamentals

    Nashville, TN
    June 11–13, 2018


  • Seminar Toronto

    Modern Data Modeling

    Toronto, ON
    July 9–12, 2018


  • Seminar St. Louis St. Louis Seminar

    Building a Data Strategy

    St. Louis, MO
    August 13–15, 2018


  • Seminar Seattle

    Agile Analytics

    Seattle, WA
    August 27–29, 2018


  • Seminar Denver Denver, CO

    Business Analytics Fundamentals

    Denver, CO
    September 17–19, 2018


  • Seminar Boston

    Visualization, Dashboards, & Analytics Adoption

    Boston, MA
    September 24–26, 2018


  • Seminar Minneapolis Minneapolis Seminar

    BI Essentials

    Minneapolis, MN
    October 15–17, 2018


  • Seminar Redwood City Redwood City Seminar

    Predictive Analytics: Data Prep, Models and Algorithms, and Deployment

    Redwood City, CA
    October 22–24, 2018


  • Seminar Atlanta

    Data Management Fundamentals

    Atlanta, GA
    December 3–5, 2018